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Improve the Billing Assurance

19. August 2011 Keine Kommentare

Usually I write my blog articles in German but I guess that this article here will not be interesting for most of the people who are usually following my blog and therefore I decided to write this article in English so that a wider audience can read it.

The second reason why the article is not typical for my blog is that I guess it will be a really long article. Normally my articles are shorter but as this is a huge area, I’ll need some more words to illustrate my idea.

I’m working now for more then 11 years in the billing area of an international telco and internet carrier and I’ve seen various areas of billing during the time. I started in the area which was responsible for the leased line billing (back in the days the areas where separated to products) and I maintained the bill run. Later I moved to the project team of the billing department and among other things I’ve migrated various different billing systems to one EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) centralized billing system which now will be used for the APAC region as well as we also migrated the APAC (Asia-Pacific) systems to the one and only solution.

During my time within the operations team, we always focused on the billing accuracy which means that we proved each time the invoices. As I’m currently again looking to the operational tasks (to write a tutorial and to be able to act as a backup), I can see that this is still the case and I guess there is a mayor area of potential improvements.

Therefore I wrote this article here to summarize my ideas and maybe to also give others a chance to think again about their Billing Assurance Processes.